Please call John O’Halloran on 1300 120 155 or send an email to requesting a Booking Form.


1. Download the Booking Form here: BOOKING FORM

On the form information such as: a preferred booking date or dates, approximate number of students attending, etc is needed.

The price has been kept to only $5.50 per student (plus GST). Minimum fee of 130 students per day. (Fewer students may attend, however the minimum fee would apply.

Depending on location, outer metro and district areas are from $6.50 to $8.00 per student (plus GST).

2. Then send the Booking Form to  (The form is a word document and may be filled in directly and return emailed via attachment).

Once the booking form is returned to us, we will reserve one or more of your chosen dates.

3. We will then organise a timetable for you, send you an Information Sheet explaining the visit, our Letter to Parents and worksheets for students.

Teachers will also receive a list of the Learning Outcomes for each activity.

All saving you precious time.


Renee Kennedy, Assistant Principal, Skye Primary School:

“You are certainly well prepared and are making this very easy with your notes, quick emails and organisation…..Thank you!”