Brioney Smith, Numeracy Coordinator, Camboon PS, WA:

“By the time the first recess rolled around staff were already coming to me with positive feedback. Every time I went to the assembly area, all children were on task and had huge smiles on their faces. It was also great to see you so actively engaging with them and assisting them with the tasks.This was by far one of the most successful whole school incursions I have organised, and I will not hesitate to book you again in the future.”

Suzanne Bracks, Year 2 Teacher, St Brigids PS. NSW:

“The students were completely immersed in the activities. They loved manipulating the equipment and lots of mathematical language and concepts were discussed. Fantastic sessions!”

Heather Pulling, Maths Coordinator, Sommerville PS, VIC:

“Feedback from all teachers is that they loved it. The senior teachers have mentioned how their students are far more interested in problem solving activities now.”

Margaret Neville, Maths Coordinator, West Greenwood PS, WA:

“It revealed that I need to do some more spatial awareness work with my class, as it is clear that all the work on number has paid off at the cost of other areas, so a change in focus for a few days is in order! We had the tangrams out today and will work with pentominoes tomorrow. Then we will have to collect some boxes for some massive construction!”

Janet Alexander, Teacher, Beaconsfield PS, WA:

“I am extremely impressed with the Professor Maths equipment. The students were engaged and having fun and the maths games were well organised and well developed. What I was most impressed with was the involvement of the kinaesthetic visual, hand-eye, group work, problem solving challenges worked on within the groups, movement within the game circle and the thinking skills being developed”.

100_5342-225x300Gale Duim. Maths Coordinator, Poynter PS, WA:

“Wonderful interactive activities suitable for K to 7. Challenging for upper levels and fit in very well with the Curriculum. Problem solving makes children think and verbalise their strategies. The activities makes maths come alive”

Rina Banda, PA to Principal, Reddam House. NSW:

“We really enjoyed the Professor Math Incursion once again. The children were really involved and our Pre-Primary enjoyed the ‘Challenge’ questions and dress ups immensely. It is a wonderful way to show how much fun Math can be !! We look forward to seeing you again in the near future.”

Sue Griffith, Key Numeracy Teacher. St Davids Parish School. SA:

“The most engaging Maths lesson with fully engaged students, parents and teachers! So much Mathematical thinking and working!”

Rhiannon Birkill, Maths Coordinator, Rosebud PS, VIC:

“I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic incursion delivered and organized by you guys! It was a huge success and I have only heard amazing, positive comments to compliment your fantastic activities and presenters – so thank you very much!We look forward to organizing an Incursion again.”

Joe Kennedy, Maths Coordinator, Thornlie Christian College, WA:

“I got feedback from the staff and they were all really impressed. They particularly liked the way the kids were enjoying maths, working together, and solving problems with mathematical thinking.Will be booking you in for next year.”

Sarah Vianello, Maths Coordinator, Trinity College, SA:

“I just wanted to write and tell you how much our Year 5 and Year 2’s  thoroughly enjoyed the presentation from Professor Maths today. It was very well run and well organized and prompt with timing. We will certainly be looking at booking your services again in the future.”

Josephine Pitt, Maths Coordinator, St Pius X, WA:

“I received positive feedback from all the teachers regarding the Math day. The activities are engaging and provide a great challenge for all students. The students enjoyed the sessions and their level of engagement was pleasing to witness. Thanks again for your visit and for the energy and passion you bring to Mathematics!”

Fiona Kennedy, Maths Coordinator, Paraburdoo, WA:

“The Professor Maths incursion was excellent! The challenging maths activities had all students from Kindy to Year 7 engaged. It was fantastic to see the persistence and enthusiasm the students showed at each task. Hearing the senior students comment on how much fun they had, shows what a valuable incursion this is”.

Greta Brewin, Year 6 Teacher, Alphington PS, VIC:

“The kids really loved it. Brett was very engaging, and the feedback from the staff was that all the kids were engaged throughout the entire session.  The staff love how it allowed for the students to develop their reasoning skills through group work.”

Antoinette Fazzari, Head of Learning Area – Mathematics, Sacred Heart College, WA:

“Thank you soooo much for the fantastic Incursion! Professor Maths was enjoyed by all with amazing feedback from both staff and students.”

Sarah Blom, Maths Coordinator, St Paul’s Bentleigh, VIC:

“ALL students had an absolute ball at the incursion. They were all actively engaged throughout the whole session and the energy and general vibe around the room was electric! It was great to see them working in their groups and thinking outside the box.

Thank you so much, Brett was absolutely fantastic with all grade levels and very inspiring even for the teachers, (I think we all need to bring a little more magic to the classroom)!”

Simon Jenkin. Year 3 Teacher, Julie Burton, Maths Coordinator, Lilydale PS VIC:

“Just to say thank you for a fantastic maths day. The activities were very engaging for the students and the presenter was excellent really exciting the children. All children responded positively to the day. I have a grade who has written letters for you. Thanks again.”

Jocelyn Field, Maths Coordinator, Penrhos College, WA:

”Awesome Maths Fun Day! The students were really engaged and had lots of fun working out the challenging tasks. Hands-on activities with excellent mathematical concepts. Thanks for a great incursion.”

Antonella Aguila, Maths Coordinator, Al-Taqwa College, VIC:

“I am very pleased all went well as I knew it would from your previous year’s visits. The children and teachers at Al-Taqwa College were absolutely enthralled by the activities and your fun and engaging manner..… It was a fantastic learning experience by all – a big thank-you to YOU Professor Maths for delivering professional and inspiring mathematics to our school once again.”

Karen Bennett, Maths Coordinator, Lilydale West PS, VIC:

“Thank you for the great incursion. All the children from F-6 were totally enthused by all the activities and MATHS-YAY!Hopefully this has also raised the profile for our parents too!”

Jeanette Brodie, Maths Coordinator, OLQP, Albert Park, SA:

“The staff and I would like to thank you for a really great incursion. Professor Maths was the talk of the staff room and schoolyard for several days. It was a huge positive for both staff and students so thanks heaps for your presentation and timetabling for the day.”

Caitlin Laity, Maths Coordinator, Saint Paul’s Catholic PS. Mount Lawley. WA:

“Thank you so very much for such a fun, exciting and enjoyable day filled with so many great, hands on games and activities. We really appreciate all the hard work you put into creating such a wonderful day for us! The Professor was such a hit with each class and we appreciate your bubbly and out going nature. Thank you!”

Shantel Prasad, Numeracy Teacher, Salamah College, VIC:

“The Professor Maths Incursion was a huge success at Salamah College. Students really enjoyed the sessions as they were actively engaged in their learning. Teachers were also very happy with the incursion and said it was an enjoyable event. We would like to thank the company and (Professor Maths) for an exciting 3 days! We hope to have the incursion again next year!”

Sandy Sturmer, Year 3/4 Teacher, Mullaloo PS, WA:

“What a fantastic opportunity for children to really experience maths. All children were engaged with such a variety of materials to choose from. A hive of activity at each station! The children were treated to the wondrous realm of mathematics. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ”

Jess Maresca, Maths Coordinator, Star of the Sea School, Henley Beach. SA:

“I just wanted to say a big thank you. All the staff and students here at Star of the Sea loved the incursion. They were very excited and engaged in all the activities, and learnt a thing or too I’m sure.”

100_5282-225x300Catherine Daskalakis, Year 1 Teacher, St Michaels Belfield, NSW:

“What a fantastic learning experience! Professor maths games were fun and challenging. The kids were engaged and the language and problem solving skills were wonderful to observe.”

Therese Slattery, Foundation Teacher, St Davids PS. SA:

“Amazing, fantastic and really really good. I want my students to have these activities all the time!”

Margaret Hardie, Maths Coordinator, McCallums Hill PS, NSW:

“We have had the most lovely responses from the kids about Professor Maths today. Everyone has enjoyed it. Teachers have been very glowing about it. Even the principal has commented to me that she went down today as she won’t be here tomorrow and said that she was so impressed. So thanks again.”

Will Spencer, Maths Coordinator, Belvedere PS, VIC:

“Kids absolutely loved the incursion, was so good to have you guys out here. Was really well organised and had the kids engaged. Loved the activities as well! We will be definitely looking at booking you again in the future.”

Wendy Barlow. Maths Coordinator, Keller Road PS, SA:

“On behalf of Keller Road School I would like to thank you for the terrific maths presentation that you provided. The whole school enjoyed their respective sessions.  I will recommend Professor Maths to other South Australian teachers and schools.”

Erin Russell, Numeracy Leader, Medina Primary School. WA:

“I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for a fantastic incursion. Medina Primary was lucky enough to have a visit from you guys and the teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed themselves! I am going to ensure that we book a visit from you guys for next year 🙂 I also wanted to pass on a thank you to the presenter who ran the program here. She was very entertaining and the kids really enjoyed the show that she put on!”

100_5292-225x300Jenny Olma, Numeracy Coordinator, Perth College, Mount Lawley, WA:

“Just a quick message to say how much the students enjoyed the Professor Maths Visit. Narelle was terrific with the girls and the activities were well received by all.”

Bianca Chopra, Maths Coordinator, Amsliegh Park PS, VIC:

“Thanks so much for bringing your fabulous games to our school. The students (and teachers) had great time at the Professor Maths Incursion and had a lot of positive feedback to give. We will definitely keep your services in mind for years to come.”


Lexi Smith, Year 1/2 Teacher, Wheelers Hill PS, VIC:

“Thank you for the incursion – all the students had an amazing experiencing with some stating; “We didn’t even do any Maths!” All the teachers enjoyed the incursion and said that it was highly engaging for all the students (allowing for differentiation within all tasks). The students really enjoyed the activities and it was great to see them working collaboratively. We would most certainly recommend the incursion to all other schools looking for a Maths incursion and hopefully we can have you back next year.”

Jane Lockwood. Numeracy Coach. Albanvale PS. VIC:

“What a fantastic day we have had at Albanvale with Professor Maths. The Professor was wonderful, very engaging and entertaining, and has a great manner with the children. The activities were terrific and the students were engaged the whole time, with lots of great mathematical language being used. I was on yard duty today at lunchtime and all I heard was “we love Professor Maths”. We had an assembly on Friday afternoon and the principal asked the students what their favourite part on Lit and Num week was and without exception, all the children said Professor Maths. I will definitely use you again and recommend you to all my colleagues.”

“One of the boys usually has quite difficult behaviour to manage and he worked solidly for the whole session and was totally engaged. She said it was testament to the type of activities and the way the sessions were run that gave him the confidence to just have a go and ask if he needed help.”

Marty Azzupardi, Reception Teacher, St Davids Parish School. SA.

“Thumbs Up! Interactive, great and inclusive of Special Needs Students!”

Jeremy Mack, Numeracy and ICT Co-ordinator, Bannister Creek PS, WA:

“The sessions you conducted were excellent. All the groups thoroughly enjoyed the roadshow and found your activities to be challenging and a lot of fun as well. Many teachers have also commented on the high standard of the presenter and the activities. Many thanks. We look forward to working with you again next year.”

Dusty Macgraw, Maths Coordinator, Narre Warren North PS, VIC:

“Feedback was extremely positive. The presenter told me that there are different kits every year… meaning that different activities are available every year. That would be great. Our teachers are very interested in having you back on a regular basis.  Thanks again.”

Gail Coetzee, Maths Coordinator, Reddam House, NSW:

“Our school thoroughly enjoyed the activities. The children were totally absorbed in the activities and didn’t want them to end. Professor Maths was a great character and “had” the children in the first minute, he sure looked the part and he had good control of the children when needed.”

Clare Heffernen, Maths Coordinator, Orange Grove PS, WA:

“I just wanted to write and say how fabulous our incursion was last Wednesday. The games were really exciting and all so different but yet all so open ended. They really got our children engaged and the costumes were fabulous and added to the fun of the day. As for The Professor, she was just amazing, she had so much enthusiasm and energy. She seemed to balance the talk with the activity just perfectly and I know that our younger children in particular adored her – she gave them a whole new perspective on the word “Professor”. I was just amazed by her energy – running between groups with children helping them out or joining in with their awe and wonder. It was certainly a day of great fun and learning and an incursion to be recommended to any other school. Many thanks for your assistance too as it all ran very smoothly and seemed well organized.”

Renee Gavin, Maths PLT, St Bridgets PS, Coogee, NSW:

“Thank you so much again for the Professor Maths experience yesterday, the kids really were so engaged and enjoyed it thoroughly. The teachers also loved it and were really impressed with the running of the day”

Natalie Campbell. PP Teacher, Nth Cottesloe PS, WA:

“Great fun for the Pre-Primaries! Great Hands-On activities with lots of discussion and a little bit of competition which kept them motivated. We all loved it! “

Tina Ross, Year 6 Teacher, Poynter PS, WA:

“Fantastic challenges, all students excited to participate. Super idea to allow children to become junior Einstien! Great Stuff.”

Julie Pemberton, Nth Cottesloe PS, WA:

“Good to see my reluctant maths students so enthusiastic and participating fully!”

Crispin Rapsey, Year 5, 6 & 7 Teacher, Nth Cottesloe PS, WA:

“The students are very, very engaged, completely absorbed. I really like the organisation of the activities, the concepts, the visual impact, the Hands-On nature of the challenges. Thanks!”

Veronica Massang, Maths Coordinator, Chrysalis Montessori School, WA:

” What a great experience! Children were engaged in “thinking” activities and working well with quality good-sized and self-correcting materials that were attractive and easy to manipulate”

Sawsan El Hawat, Maths Coordinator, Al Amanah College, Liverpool, NSW:

“Thank you John for your wonderful show! Our students really enjoyed the incursion and had a valuable and fun learning experience.”

Michelle La Freniere, PP Teacher, North Cottesloe PS, WA:

” Very engaging for Pre-Primary! Lots of hands-on…terrific! (Professor Maths) can alter activities to suit age and abilities of the children. We all had lots of fun!! Thank you.”

Maureen Jones, Principal, Christ the King PS, Bass Hill, NSW:

“The students were engaged and enthusiastic. Highly organised facilitator.”

Linda Rossi, Maths Coordinator, Templestowe Valley PS, VIC:

“THANK YOU for Professor Maths – it was a HUGE success. Both the students and staff loved the maths incursion.”

100_5360-225x300Tanya Stevens, Year 5 Teacher, Swan Christian College, WA:

“What a fantastic way to spend the morning! The activities were age appropriate yet challenging. We placed the students in multi-ability groups and it was really encouraging to see the way they worked together as a team. I was really impressed, thank you.”

Nicole Smith, Head of Primary, Agnew Bretheren School. QLD:

“It was so valuable, giving students the experiences and challenges they miss out on in a text book or busy classroom!”


Kristin Hardge, Year 5 /6 Teacher, Braddock Public School, Cranbrook NSW:

“It was great to see the students who are generally disengaged in mathematics enjoying the challenges the activities provided.”

Rob Birtles, Principal, Sorrento PS, WA:

“Professor Maths made a positive contribution to promoting student interest in mathematics and problem solving, in particular using age appropriate stimulating activities.”

Kim Wildron, Maths Coordinator, Bungaree PS, WA:

“The kids were excited and have written some fantastic recounts about the experience. It was interesting when so many realised that it was Maths!!!!! The teachers also appreciated the experience and took some ideas away watching the children so engaged. The presenter was fantastic and made the experience easy.”

Kerry Brenton, Glencoe PS, WA:

“I would just like to thank you for being professional with your approach in dealing with the children at Glencoe. All feedback has been very positive. I particularly liked the way you got children together at the end to discuss answers and your use of wigs and glasses. I found this encouraged children to stick with the task, to come up with the correct answer so that they could wear the wigs. Great strategy! Once again thank you for the smooth running of all sessions.”

Robin Vander Linde, Year 4/5 Teacher, Good Shepherd Christian School. QLD:

“The children were very enthusiastic, cooperated with each other to solve thge challenges. They perservered until they solved the problems. They thoroughly enjoyed all the challenges and were excited about each new challenge they took on. Great hands on experience with solving problems.”

Wendy Rose, Year 4/5 Teacher, Springfield PS WA:

“The students were on task and persisting with the challenges. Even the “difficult” kids were working with their groups!”

Paul Doherty, Principal, Chrysalis Montessori School WA:

“The children were totally engrossed in the maths activities. The hands on problem solving native of what we did kept everyone engaged.”

Kay Wood, Year 1 Teacher Nth Cottesloe PS, WA:

“Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of each activity and the opportunity to choose the activity they wanted. They were fully engaged and did not give up until they solved the problems! A terrific hour!”

Karen Wheeler, Silverton PS, QLD:

“They certainly did enjoy themselves. It was so great to see the kids so engaged and enjoying mathematics. This program will surely help to remove the negative stigma attached to mathematics. Thanks again for such a great day.”

Suzy Lamb, Coordinator, Beaumaris PS, WA:

“Thanks, it was a very positive experience for all the students. I just thought I would send you some of the feedback I have received.”

”Suzy Well Done! When I wandered around and sat with group after group, children were enjoying it and were very engaged and kept trying even when it was quite challenging, which is what it’s all about. Very worthwhile incursion.  Thanks again!”

“Hi Suzy. thanks for organising. Incursion activities were engaging. Nice that the children could move around.”

Marilyn Scott, Waddington PS, WA:

“I have never seen them so involved, they really enjoyed it!”

Linda Cox, Maths Coordinator, Tea Tree Gully PS, SA:

“It was fantastic and all the kids really enjoyed their session. All the class teachers involved were talking in the staff room about how great the activities were and how the students were really engaged. I will recommend a Professor Maths visit to all my teaching colleagues at other schools. Cheers!”

Patricia Hawkes, Year 4 Teacher, Wembley PS, WA:

“Who said maths wasn’t fun, I had to tear them away from the activities.”

Fiona McKinley, Year 4 Teacher, Waikiki PS, WA:

“GREAT!!!! Good hands-on activities to re-enforce learning. freedom to work and explore at their own pace.”

Tonia Poggioli, Year 5 Teacher, St Pius X School, WA:

“From my observations and from the feedback given, the children and teachers loved your show and Maths activities and that they were suited to the given age groups. It was most endearing seeing your humorous antics elicit great laughs from the children!”

Janita Woods, Maths Coordinator, Miller PS, WA:

“Here is some of the feedback from Teachers for your visit. The question asked was:

What did you enjoy about your Incursion experience with Professor Maths? Would you recommend having Professor Maths return to Millen PS next year?

I enjoyed seeing the students so engaged in the activities and excited about Maths. It was very hands on and the students enjoyed it. It was great to see so much Problem Solving involved as it is a school focus. Yes I think it would be great to have it return.

Yes. The kids who thrive on competition loved it.

 Love that it was a hands on experience. The students loved it and so did I.  I think it linked really nicely with our problem solving approach – my students were using RUCSAC. Would love to have it back.

 Yes! The variety of activities, the way it had been planned and set up so well beforehand.

 I loved the opportunity for all students to display their strengths and that they were doing maths but it didn’t feel like they were.

 He was mint! I really like the entertaining factor that made maths fun and the very, very hands on access. Do it again!

 Outstanding! The kids were extremely engaged and we had an absolute ball!!!”

Monica Curnow, AP, Courtney Gardens PS, VIC:

“There was nothing but positive responses from all staff and students. We even had feedback from School Council, their children came home very excited about the whole event.

The activities were varied, challenging, colourful and in good working order.

The worksheets were very clear and really appreciated, the timetable plan was also incredibly helpful with such a large number of students.

The presenter had a great rapport with the students who especially loved the little magic tricks.

It was especially pleasing to see all the cooperative group work and interactions between the students.

The teachers have agreed we would like a revisit.

Please keep us on your books as the whole incursion was well worth it.”


Therese Howie, Year 1/2 Teacher, Dalkieth PS, WA:

“GREAT MATHS PROGRAM. The kids loved it. They were engaged for the full hour. They wanted to stay when it was over…”Lets do it again”…The teachers loved it ! I wish you could come every term .”