using-worksheets-300x238The Professor Maths “Hands-On” activities have been designed in conjunction with Primary School maths teachers, one who had over 40 years experience in the classroom.

Each individual set of activities has two years of research and development including testing with teachers and students before they are released into the incursion.

The activities suit State and National maths curriculums but also teach students social skills, how to listen, to follow directions, to take turns, to cooperate, communicate and to plan ahead.

Some of the activities are based on well known and tested games, dating back centuries.

Others incorporate aspects of science and the environment offering a more rounded and practical understanding of mathematics.

Professor Maths activities are designed to be played in groups, so that students cooperate and interact together developing social skills as they work together to solve each problem.

Being “Hands-On”, Professor Maths’ activities also cater for students of all levels of ability.


Gale Duim, Maths Coordinator, Poynter PS, WA:

“Wonderful interactive activities suitable for K to 7. Challenging for upper levels and fit in very well with the Curriculum”.