Professor Maths brings fun “Hands-On” Maths Activities to your Primary School.

Exciting and stimulating Maths Activities are set up around the room for students to explore.

After a motivating introduction from the presenter, students play the activities in their groups and at their own pace. Working together, they solve each mathematical problem whilst having fun.

Meanwhile the presenter moves around the room to each group guiding and encouraging students.

To finish a comprehensive wind-up of the activities is given which includes student discussions on what they have learnt.

See what teachers have been saying in our Teacher Feedback section.

“The best Hands-On, relevant and meaningful student learning that I have ever seen in my teaching career!”

Anne Champion, Deputy Principal.

Margaret Hardie, Maths Coordinator, McCallums Hill PS NSW

We have had the most lovely responses from the kids about Professor Maths today. Everyone has enjoyed it. Teachers have been very glowing about it. Even the principal has commented to me that she went down today as she won’t be here tomorrow and said that she was so impressed. So thanks again.

Catherine Daskalakis, Year 1 Teacher, St Michaels Belfield, NSW

What a fantastic learning experience! Professor maths games were fun and challenging. The kids were engaged and the language and problem solving skills were wonderful to observe.

Wendy Rose, Year 4/5 Teacher, Springfield PS WA

The students were on task and persisting with the challenges. Even the “difficult” kids were working with their groups!

Veronica Massang, Maths Coordinator, Chrysalis Montessori School WA

What a great experience! Children were engaged in “thinking” activities and working well with quality good-sized and self-correcting materials that were attractive and easy to manipulate

Professor Maths has now created exciting on-line games. Designed specifically to suit the Australian Maths Curriculum, they support classroom lessons and all home-schooling or remote learning programs. Fun to play and an excellent way for students to learn mathematics! See our website for more details: