Student Feedback

Please click on the images below to see some of the wonderful feedback from students.

Mya Grade 2

Elliot Grade 2

As always the visit was great fun and everyone had a fantastic time. Leanne Quadrio. Maths Coordinator Arbor Grove PS WA

Here are some comments from students.

Pre Primary class:

We liked the money game

He’s a Maths Man

We liked the crazy face on the challenges.

We liked building the castle.

We liked building with the blocks

Professor Maths is AMAZING!!!

We learnt a lot about maths with the fun games.

The marble game was so fun!

We liked the koala and crocodile puzzle

Teacher:- Thanks for organising a fab incursion.

Pre Primary class:

We loved when we got the super challenges right.

We liked everything. We liked doing the puzzles, cubes, green triangles to make different shapes and the lollipop challenge.

We liked the Professor’s hat. He was funny.

Year 2 class:

Room 5 really enjoyed the super challenges. We felt very proud of ourselves!!!

Year 4 class:

Professor Maths is a magnificent maestro who makes maths into fun games. We had the best maths session with super-awesome, hands-on, team-inspiring and exciting challenges.

We had a great time!

Year 3:

We thought it was great and you can learn a lot, such as fractions. We learned a lot of things we never knew before. We really liked the marble race. It was fun and challenging.

Year 1:

Professor Maths came to our school. He was awesome. He had so many fun games for us to play. We worked in groups of four and moved around as many activities as we could. There were shape puzzles, addition fishing, addition ten pin bowling, jigsaws, mazes, cube building and lots more. We learnt to work as a team to solve problems. We discovered that the first answer is not always the best answer. Some of us were really good at not giving up. (Grade 1 student with Mrs Kelly 1K).